About Us

K K Gourmet, LLC was founded by Kathleen and Karen - best friends since the mid 1970's - as a tribute to Kathleen's 'MAMA' Lorraine Alonso who 'passed' in 1996.  Upon many requests from family and friends, we decided to 'launch' our business so everyone could enjoy this wonderful sauce!

Some call it sauce - Italian's call it gravy.  Mama's recipe is an old family tradition and is loved by all who taste it.  Combining just the right seasonings and a touch of sweetness makes Mama's Spaghetti Gravy unlike any you've tasted.  Even the pickiest of eaters like kids LOVE it!

Mama's products contain only the freshest ingredients, nothing artificial.  

We know you'll enjoy the unique flavor of our sauces with your favorite pastas.  They are also wonderful over chicken, pork chops, stuffed green peppers, used as a pizza sauce, just about anything!  (We've had folks tell us they like to just drink them!)   

Perfect to keep on hand for those busy nights - just open a jar, make some pasta and you have a delicious family meal - don't forget that french bread for dipping!

We hope you enjoy Mama's Spaghetti Gravy, Mama's Marinara, and Mama's Sloppy Joes and our products become a family tradition in your home.

K K Gourmet, LLC
Johnsburg, IL
Information:  (847) 727-5858


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